Frequently Asked Questions


 1.  What is needed to have a document notarized? 

A:  We will need to have all signers present with a valid government issued ID. Please do not sign until you are in front of us.  You may however , complete as much of your document as possible before coming to our office.

 2.  What is needed for a sale of a vehicle titled in PA?

 A:  We will need a valid government issued ID from All Buyers and Sellers. The title must be in hand as well. The current mileage will be required on the vehicle being sold.  If the buyer needs registration for the vehicle , current proof of insurance. 

 3.  What is needed for an out of state transfer into PA?

 A: We would need the actual out of state title,( a photocopy is NOT acceptable in PA). The title should be properly reassigned to the buyer and notarized if applicable.  The buyers current government issued ID is needed along with current insurance in the buyers name. The vehicle will also need to be present to verify the Vehicle Identification Number and the GVWR for trucks and trailers. ( This is only needed for out of State Titles).  If the vehicle is not present a MV41 can be printed for a PA Inspection Mechanic to verify the VIN.

                 4. Is it required for BOTH the buyer and seller to be present for a PA Title  Transfer?

 A:  Yes, PA Titles are required to be Notarized, therefore ALL buyers and sellers must be present with a valid government issued ID for the change of ownership.

                   5.  Will I leave the office with a registration card in hand, instead of a temporary pink slip ?

 A:   Yes, in most cases title transfers will be processed online and the change of ownership will be effective immediately.

  6.  Can you renew my vehicle registration instantly?

A:  Yes, in most cases we can renew your registration on the spot and you can leave with your current registration card in your hand. If there is a case we cannot, i.e. Suspension against the vehicle record, we can help to get that cleared for you when the suspension is lifted.

If for ANY reason your document requires a witness you MUST bring one along. We will not witness any documents.